Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Leading Line Post

 Image result for leading lines photography

These photos all demonstrate lines in objects. The first picture is of a wall in my home which has tile on it. The tile as you can see has white lines in between the tiles. The reason why I choose this photo is because the lines lead to the center piece of marble in the middle. They draw your eyes to follow the lines to see the center piece. The lines even in the center piece draw to the darker spiral as a result of looking at it. The soccer ball was taken out on the turf as you can see there are many lines on the field such as the yard lines to the right and the foul line to the left. This makes it so the eyes attention is brought to the ball. The colors also express such a contrast that it also draws the eye. There are lines on the soccer ball itself that also kind of draws the eye to the middle pentagon in the ball. I feel both of these images came out great as the both demonstrate the leading lines technique, which I explained above.

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